Webster Presbyterian Church
...that all may come to know Jesus Christ, to love Him, to serve Him, and to enjoy Him forever.


The goal of Adult Education is to help people come to know Jesus Christ, to love Him, and enjoy Him forever.  Adult Education sessions help people to grow spiritually in the company of other Christians and learn how Jesus would have us live our lives today.

Topics include Bible study, exploring what we believe, applying the Bible to life today (prayer, parenting, e.g.), the Church (worship, early history, e.g.), and Church and Society.  Sessions on the missions the church supports and peacemaking topics are also included.  In most sessions, discussion and questions are encouraged.  Different learning modes are also used (presentations, videos, drama, etc.).  Please join us!

“Learning for a Lifetime” is the motto of Adult Education at Webster Presbyterian.  Pastor David Jeremiah writes:  “I believe we should all be enrolled in a lifelong school of continuing spiritual education.  How?  Be a personal student of God’s Word; attend a church that is faithful to building up the saints through strong and faithful teaching; read books of theology and practical Christian living; ask your pastor or others you trust for answers to your questions; share your faith with others and help them gain the knowledge they need.  In short, never stop learning!”


10:45  A.M.  SUNDAYS

Adult Christian Education encourages you to join us for the following presentations:

February 4:  Adult Work Team Report

Can you even imagine being out of your own home for five years – living with someone else and/or renting while still owning and paying taxes, etc. on your own home?!?  In October 2016 our Adult Mission Work Team of 10 members and friends of WPC worked on rebuilding such a home for a special couple in Brigantine, New Jersey that had been badly damaged by Superstorm Sandy.  Come to Adult Ed. to hear about the many wonderful experiences the team has had on this and other trips.  See the Mission article on page 16 for additional information.

February 11:  “Violence in the Old Testament”

Dr. Joseph Sykora, the Old Testament Professor at Northeastern Seminary, will be speaking on violence we encounter in many passages when reading the Old Testament.  How can one make sense of divinely sanctioned violence in the Old Testament?  How can the instruction to destroy a group of people including women and children fit with the image of a benevolent God? Focusing on the command to annihilate the Canaanites in Deuteronomy 7 and its realization in the book of Joshua as a case study, the class will present various options on how to handle this thorny question.  As a result, the class will hopefully provide several fruitful ways to read these difficult passages as Christian scripture.

February 18:  House of Mercy

The Peace & Justice Committee has invited Sr. Grace, Executive Director of the House of Mercy in Rochester, to speak about the needs faced daily by the city’s homeless.  Join us in the Sanctuary for this informative presentation.

February 25:  Lenten Program

This week we begin the five-week Lenten series as we consider the inescapable Jesus and His unpredictable impact on all of our lives over the last 2000 years.  As noted in the cover article, five Thursday evening meetings with a light supper for those who attend will be held as we discuss the book Who Is This Man? by John Ortberg.  Study class will be repeated each Sunday during the Adult Ed. hour.  Copies of the Participant’s Study Guide will be available in the church office after February 11.  A $5 donation to offset material costs is appreciated.


Lenten  Devotionals

Lent is coming quickly!  As with Advent, Pastor Larry and Rev. Eileen are encouraging us all to spend time in special Lenten devotions as a congregation, along with the special services and the prayer vigil, and the Lenten Study planned.  Coming soon are copies of a Lenten Devotional that we pray all will use as we contemplate the love of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  The devotional is entitled, “Jesus and the Prophets,” and as we pray and prepare, what better role models could show us all how to live Lent?

There are connections between Jesus and the prophets.  The prophets communicated the Word of God; Jesus IS the Word of God.  Not only did Jesus continue the prophetic ministry, he is the fulfillment of it.

Rev. Jimmie Hawkins, PCUSA Pastor, board of Trustees for Union Presbyterian Seminary and Director of the PCUSA Office of Public Witness in Washington DC, has assembled a collection of challenging daily reflections – scripture and prayers to help us on our Lenten journey. The devotionals feature oil paintings by Steven Burgess, an artist from upstate NY, who is a member of First United Presbyterian Church in Salem, NY.

These devotionals will be available to pick up after worship services in the beginning of Lent.  We will not be mailing them out.  This saves postage, since these devotionals are larger in size than the Advent ones!

We encourage you to be mindful about this helpful tool as we pray and listen and learn through Lent.


The Spiritual Nurture Committee offers a memory verse or verses each month to use in your prayers for your children, your friends, your enemies, or anyone! 

“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you,

in order to bring praise to God.”

Romans 15:7  (NIV)


Prayer  Under  the  Cross

Do you have a prayer need, joy, or concern?  On Sunday mornings there will be someone to pray with you under the cross after each service.  The Spiritual Nurture Committee plans to have one person in the front after the 8:00 a.m. service and two people after the 9:30 a.m. service.  Simply head to the front of the church and talk with the person(s) who is near the cross to have them pray with you.  Prayer requests could be for yourself or others for any type of need.  It could also be to share a joy or thank the Lord for what he has done in your or someone else’s life.  All prayer requests will be confidential unless indicated otherwise.

Praying for Hope Ministry

We are asking our congregation to lift up our New Beginnings ministries in prayer.  For February our focus will be on Hope Ministry, associated with Holy Trinity Church and located on Ridge Road, just east of Phillips Road in Webster.

The ministry provides for food, clothing, furniture, and other needs for Webster residents who come to them.  Each person is received in a spirit of compassion, care, faith and hospitality.  WPC members have volunteered at Hope Ministry’s Foodlink food distributions, the garage sale fundraiser, and the Christmas gift and food distribution event in December.

The Director of Hope Ministry comments that, “Prayers are so needed.  I would like prayers to open our eyes and hearts to see and respond to those in need, those struggling with addiction, those who are limited by the weather, those in need of healthcare.”


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Coffee and Conversation on the Sermon

On Sundays when it seems fitting, you are invited to get a cup of coffee and then come back into the Sanctuary after the 9:30 service for a conversation – a dialogue – together about the text, the sermon, the worship.  Come with questions, comments and thoughts, and we will be one another’s teachers!  Watch the weekly bulletin for details.

Your Ideas Needed!

The Adult Education Committee is seeking members of the congregation who have a special program to share during a Sunday Adult Ed. hour.  Also, if there are ideas for programs, the Committee is open to them!  Contact Bob Smith (315-524-5339) for more information or to share your ideas.


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