Webster Presbyterian Church
...that all may come to know Jesus Christ, to love Him, to serve Him, and to enjoy Him forever.

Living the Love of Christ

Upcoming New Beginnings Events

Ø  Dinners at Phillips Village:  Fridays, January 19 and February 16, 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Ø  Birthday Party at Phillips Village:  Saturday, February 10, 2-3:30 p.m.

December was a busy month!  Approximately 50 to 60 volunteers supported events on site or from home or church. 

At Phillips Village we provided a ham dinner to approximately 80 residents on December 15 and held another birthday party on December 16.  Only one family attended, but our birthday girl and her mom and cousin were thrilled with the party.  We continue to address opportunities to increase birthday party attendance.

Also on December 16, we supported Hope Ministries at a Christmas gift and food distribution at Holy Trinity Church (see the related article on the facing page.)

Don’t forget that WPC’s team has been supporting Meals on Wheels regularly since mid-summer.  In addition to food, Carol Saylor and her team organized donations of hats, gloves, shampoo, soap, etc. for “Warmest Wishes” bags during the holiday season.

A big thank you to our many WPC volunteers who have supported our New Beginning events in 2017, wearing our now popular yellow shirts!  Thanks also go out to those at home making salads, desserts, etc. for our dinners; and Heart & Hand ladies make wonderful items like jazzy pillowcases, which our birthday children adore!

We closed out the year in grand style and look forward to 2018 and more “Living the Life of Christ”!  The whole idea of New Beginnings is to energize our congregation in local community service.  If you are willing to help, please contact one of the following coordinators:

·         Dinners:  Don George, 671-1103

·         Food Distribution:  Bob Smith, (315) 524-5339

·         Birthday Parties:  Randy Nelson, 329-1374

·         Hope Ministry:  Laureen Anthony-Palmer, 265-2184

·         Meals on Wheels:  Carol Saylor, 872-5024

·         Miracle Field (Challenger Baseball):  Dianne Reidy, 787-9119 (spring to fall season)

Food Distribution Events

On November 17, nine volunteers from WPC helped with the Foodlink distribution of food to Webster residents at Holy Trinity which Hope Ministry organized.  The time commitment was a bit longer than usual as there was an issue with the Foodlink truck, but our members stayed to be sure that the event was a success.

On December 16, Hope Ministry held their annual Christmas event which included the distribution of gifts, food from Foodlink, shampoo, coats and winter gear.  Along with many other volunteers from the community, we had 14 WPC members who came to help.  Once again, the Hope Ministry coordinators mentioned the “yellow shirts” from Webster Presbyterian in their thank you comments.  It was nice to hear residents of Phillips Village who were at this event mention that they had seen the “yellow shirts” the night before at the dinner offered by WPC members at Phillips Village!


Praying for Meals On Wheels

We are asking our congregation to lift up our New Beginnings ministries in prayer.  For January our focus will be on Meals on Wheels.

Five teams of people deliver meals in Webster, and WPC is part of this effort.  Each team delivers hot noon meals, and for some folks a cold evening meal as well, Monday through Friday each week.  About 50 people in Webster receive meals each day.  Most of the recipients are individuals who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to obtain groceries and cook for themselves.  For many, it is an illness or other physical problem that prevents them from cooking.  For others, it may be that they are unable to drive or are unable for other reasons to shop for themselves.  Having the meals delivered is so important to all of them.

Here are some suggestions of what to pray for:

v  For the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the individuals receiving the meals.

v  That God’s love may fill and surround all those receiving the meals.

v  That those receiving meals who feel isolated may find a way to connect with others.

v  For the safety of the teams as they drive and go to the doors of people with food.


Thank  You…

Many thanks to all who contributed to the Meals on Wheels “Warmest Wishes” project.  The Rochester Area Meals on Wheels program has been able to deliver over 350 bags of gifts to participants with special needs.  We contributed 8 shopping bags of gifts from the congregation and 50 placemats made by the Heart and Hand group.