(and the answers)

O.K. I want my child to experience Webster Presbyterian Pre-School. What now?

Call Laura Blair, our registrar, at 265-1578 (landline) to receive an application (or download it from this website). Registration is currently underway and openings are still available in our PM classes. Registration forms should be mailed with a $60 registration fee.


What is a typical day like?

The childen play until everyone arrives (15 min.) then we gather for circle time to take attendance through a sharing activity, do exercises, introduce the theme for the day, and explain the day’s art projects and special activities (10-20 min.). Free and directed play follows with time to experience various centers throughout the room and to create projects and complete activities explained at circle time (45-55 min.). Clean up, snack time, story time, large group games, music, and large muscle activities complete the day (40 min.). We transition segments of the day with songs, finger-plays, show and tell, or readiness activities (10-20 min).

What kinds of play are there?

We rotate our large amount of toys and games, but children have access to all areas of the room during play times. Centers include easel painting, play dough, our unique large button box, puzzles, workbench, role playing, dress-up & kitchen corner, arts and crafts, basketball, riding toys, small muscle manipulative and sorting objects, blocks of all sizes, science and discovery toys, books, Lego table, flannel board, and farm, airport, doll house, and vehicle play sets.


Is the program academic?

We have a developmentally appropriate program that emphasizes readiness skills. Recognizing that pre¬≠schoolers learn best through hands-on play experiences as a basis for future education, our day is specifically designed to incorporate a wide range of interactive activities that develop observation, reasoning, and large and fine motor coordination. The 2-day classes stress color, shape, and simple number recognition, as well as the identification of a child’s own name. The 3-day/PreK classes focus on alphabet letter recognition/formation, beginning math skills, following multiple-step directions, and each child writing his/her own name (all in preparation for Kindergarten).

Is the program religious?

Although we are located in a church building, we are a non-denominational private school that operates with its own Executive Board and accepts students of all faith backgrounds. We do not include religious instruction as part of our program. The children are encouraged to say a simple grace before snack time, but all holidays are celebrated in a secular manner (costumes for Halloween, visit from Santa at Christmas, treats left by the Easter Bunny before Easter, etc.).11



Why should my child go to preschool?

Besides the fact that it is fun and a special time for a child, a quality preschool program teaches a child how to function as a member of a larger group: to get along with peers, to share, and to listen and to follow directions from someone other than a relative. It encourages independence, responsibility for one’s actions, and awareness of a routine and it exposes the child to a wide variety of new and interesting experiences.

Tell me about the make-up of the classes.

We have a morning and an afternoon Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3-day/PreK class for children who will be 4 before December 1. We also have a morning and an afternoon Monday, Thursday 2-day class for children who will be 3 before October 1. Any 4 year-old may also attend the 2-day classes. (Because our program is developmentally appropriate for the individuals in the classes, the mixed classes work very well and we have children from those classes who go directly to Kindergarten.) The registrar strives for an even gender distribution within each class. There are a maximum of 18 children in the 3-day/PreK classes and 18 in the 2-day classes. The morning classes meet from 8:45 to 11:00 A.M. and the afternoon classes meet from 11:45 to 2:00 P.M.

Are there any criteria for enrollment?

Other than the birthdays mentioned above, a child must be toilet trained. We realize preschool children have occasional accidents – we will keep a change of clothing for your child at school just in case – but we are not set-up for regular diapering.


What about the staff?

We are proud of the fact that each class has two professional educators who equally share teaching responsibility. All teachers have been involved in the Webster Presbyterian Pre-School program for many years (their children attended preschool here), and many have been teaching here for over ten years. Teachers keep current by attending workshops offered by the Rochester Area Educators of Young Children professional organization and the Handwriting Without Tears program. Furthermore, they maintain relationships with educators in the Webster Central School district and renew CPR certification. Most importantly, each of the teachers is a nurturing woman who understands and loves children.

What about parent involvement?

Although we are not designed as a co-op, we do believe in the importance of cooperative relationships between teachers and parents. Each class has a parent representative on our Executive Board, we conference with each parent at the beginning of the school year and again in March, we encourage phone and in-person conversations as needed, and invite parents to share job skills, talents, hobbies, or interests with the children during class times. We have an evening for mothers and one for fathers to attend school with their child to experience a shortened day. Parents volunteer to supply party snacks, their child’s birthday special treat, and to drive on field trips. Parents are invited to observe part of our Halloween party, Santa’s visit, and our end-of¬≠-the-year program.

Tell me about field trips.

The 3-day/PreK classes usually go on one field trip in the fall, and then 1 or 2 later in the year. The 2-day classes go on 1 or 2 field trips in the spring. These trips are to experience traveling with classmates and another adult. We try to visit behind-the-scene places or ones specifically designed for preschoolers. We especially like what we call “in-house field trips” when someone visits the school to share something of interest with the children (firefighter, police officer, storyteller, dental hygienist,…).

What does the tuition cost?

Tuition for the 2020 – 2021 school year is $1,050 for the 2-day classes and $1400 for the 3-day/PreK classes. Payments may be made in installments, which are due May 1, November 1, and March 1.

O.K. I want my child to experience Webster Presbyterian Pre-School. What now?

Call Laura Blair, our registrar, at 265-1578 (landline) to receive an application (or download it from this website). Registration is currently underway and openings are still available in our PM classes. Registration forms should be mailed with a $60 registration fee.