We acknowledge that as adults we are still on the journey of life and faith. God is not done with us yet, and we have much to continue to learn as we grow into followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. At WPC we offer opportunities for God’s Spirit to stretch, challenge, nourish, and equip us.


The mission of the Adult Ed. committee is to provide opportunities for people in the congregation to grow spiritually so they have a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We offer opportunities for God’s Spirit to stretch, challenge, nourish, and equip us.  These opportunities may include:
Bible Study
Book Discussions
Outside Speakers
DVD Discussions
Mission Updates
Marriage & Family
Peace & Justice
Spiritual Nurture


Classes meet at 10:45 on Sunday mornings after the worship service. Find a list of current offerings in The Pathway.
There are two books that the Adult Ed. Committee suggested as summer reading. It’s not too late to read these books! Discussions will be ongoing throughout the 2023/2024 year. The books are:
We Make the Road by Walking, by Brian McLaren, author, speaker, activist, and theologian. McLaren believes that faith was never meant to be a destination, but a road or path, a way out of old patterns and into new ones.  He feels that a spiritual community must forever remain unfinished and always open.
Unclobber, Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible and Homosexuality, by Colby Martin. Martin re-examines the six Bible passages, known as the “Clobber Passages” that stand against the full inclusion of our LGBTQIA+ siblings. He shares his personal story of being fired for his own views by the church he was serving.
Both books are available in the church office. McLaren’s book is $5.00 and Martin’s is free of charge.
How to get involved!
At WPC ALL are welcome! If any of these listings interests you, know you are invited! For more information call the Church Office at 585-265-9700.