Congregational life




The church cultivates connections between members “in community” as we grow in relationships with God and with each other in a sense of true belonging as the family of believers; Christ’s Body. Together in actions of kindness and service we live the love of Christ towards each other and the greater community.

Pastoral Care

Rev. Eileen’s study door is always open. She welcomes your visit for a chat, for a prayer, or to share joys or concerns. In love and compassion she visits those in hospital and those home-bound, sometimes just for conversation!  At times she shares Home Communion, the supper of the Lord. Call the church office, send a text or email, or just drop by. It is a privilege for her to be part of your lives.

Heart and Hand

It is a true blessing to care for others. Heart and Hand  is a group of people who come together to make blankets, pillowcases, quilts, and  other creations for the purpose of giving them to people to remind them that they are loved. They use their hands along with their hearts as blessings for others. They meet one morning each month to share a breakfast treat and devotions. Then they work together on projects-cutting sewing, pressing, etc- something for everyone to do, whatever their interests and/or experiences. Fellowship is a major goal of the morning so there is lots of conversation and sharing together throughout the time together.  There is always something new!  Contact Barb Coleman (406-2768) or Marty Durbin (872-4669) to join the group.


A Small Group of folks, many newcomers, gather in people’s homes. We bring ingredients,  prepare and cook food together for a meal, enjoy the fellowship that comes from working together, and then sit at table and eat. Good conversation and relationship building comes from sharing thoughts and laughter.  We pray together and encourage each other.  

People Without Partners

Once per month, on the second Wednesday, people who do not have partners gather for breakfast at the Atlantic restaurant for company, fellowship and to stay connected. Anyone is welcome to join!

Supper and Scripture

Scheduled each Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 PM, under the coordination of Melinda Gaudioso and Tara Hunt. Everyone is welcome. If you like cooking, come and help in the kitchen. Or help with set up or clean up. If you have a devotion to share, let Melinda know (872-6635). 

Parenting In Faith

What a great joy to be young and have children!  How great to meet with others like yourselves who are going through similar experiences- talking, sharing, encouraging one another. This group comes together the first and third Sundays of the month immediately following the 9:30 service; one time for learning and sharing and one time for a fun family activity. Follow our Facebook Page for up to date information. 

Presbyterian Men’s Fellowship (PMF)

The Presbyterian Men’s Fellowship (PMF) offers an opportunity for men in the church to grow in their faith and contribute to the life of the church and our community. All men in the church are members of PMF. Further, with joy we encourage women to join in on
activities of common interest.
Many of our events include breakfast on Saturday morning. Every December we sponsor the Annual Christmas Pastors’
Appreciation Breakfast (with men AND women) at the Rochester Presbyterian Home, after which a choir of all is formed in the RPH lobby and we share Christmas Carols with the residents.
The Clam Bake is BACK! The WPC/PMF Clam Bake returned in October 2019 after several years of intermission. Led by Dick McNeary, the event brings lots more smiles and fellowship for the WPC family.

Social Events

At Webster Presbyterian we come together for food and fun!
The Christmas Dinner – in the beginning of December. The congregation dresses up, has a catered dinner, served by our young people all decked in white and black (a highlight!!). The dinner is followed by special entertainment and often a Christmas story read.
   Small Groups
Small Groups are a great place to grow in fellowship with each other, and in Community! Spiritual Nurture encourages and helps to form Small Groups of 10-12 individuals that meet on a regular basis for study, worship, and fellowship. Find more information on our Small Groups page or call the Church Office at 585-265-9700.